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Most staffing companies can staff any position ranging from administrative and clerical, accounting and light industrial. 100% of our weekly interviews with our dedicated staffing team, are only for light industrial - forklift jobs, machine operator jobs and various other factor jobs. Our focus is only on logistics staffing. This is very different from generalized staffing firms that need to interview candidates for positions such as customer service, administrative assistant, accounting clerk and light industrial.  All we do is screen job applicants for full time and part time warehouse and logistics jobs. Our staffing approach is unique. Contact us now to hear about the differences.

Hire the Right People, Faster with Our Staffing Solutions

Our agency provides access to the highest caliber of employees across a wide range of skill sets without the hassle of sorting through applications

  • Temporary

    Short term assignments and projects ranging from 1 day to 90 days in length

  • Temporary to Hire

    “Try before you buy” A great way to evaluate an employee before you decide to hire them.

  • Direct Hire

    An excellent solution to hire an employee day 1.  We provide a guarantee for every direct hire placement we provide.

  • Onsite/VIP

    For high volume customers we’ll provide a dedicated staff that can be housed at your facility.  This includes specialized reporting programs to evaluate cost, productivity and safety.

3 Point Employee Verification System

Our 3 Point Employee Verification System is the “bread and butter” to finding the highest caliber of employees. Our specialized skills evaluations are a fail-safe tool that is utilized on every employee who applies with Action Logistix.

Our experience has shown that 25% - 30% of applicants do not pass these evaluations. Following all state and federal statutes and guidelines for background checks, 5 panel urine drug screens, eVerify, and any additional tests required for a particular position, our customers are assured that every employee is qualified for their position - from entry level warehouse, to forklift operators (stand-up or sit-down) to highly skilled machinists/machine operators (CNC, cell, blow-mold, injection-mold) and welder (MIG/TIG).

Action Logistix is a premier logistics staffing agency. We have a proven track record of success in matching businesses with qualified candidates. Our 3 Point Employee Verification System is a critical part of our process for ensuring that our clients only receive the highest caliber of employees

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