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How to Staff for Logistics Workers

October 25, 2023

It’s no secret that the supply chain and logistics industry is complex and constantly evolving. Because of this, companies need to carefully select who they choose to represent their company and contribute to a productive workplace.

Staffing for logistics workers is essential to running your business, and the traits that make the ideal employee stretch far beyond technical skills and education. Working with an experienced staffing agency like Action Logistix is an excellent way to find high-caliber talent.

This article will discuss how to staff logistics workers and how Action Logistix can help you transform your recruitment process.

Good traits to look for in logistics workers

If you’re planning to add new staff to your logistics business, there are a few skills you should look for in top candidates. These include:

  • Motivation. The logistics industry has a lot of upward career mobility and room for self-improvement. You should find workers focused on their advancement and the big picture. Having someone motivated on your team means they are dedicated to learning and growing, individually and as part of the overall effort.
  • Team player. Since a supply chain has multiple moving parts, you’ll want to find someone who’s a team player. Logistics employees must work well with others and collaborate successfully with different departments to complete the job. In addition to being a team player, you want to find someone with good communication skills and flexibility. Logistics employees should be able to communicate effectively and professionally with all levels of personnel in the supply chain.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making. As with any job, there are days when things don’t go as planned. The best logistics employees will remain calm under pressure and use problem-solving skills to arrive at solutions. Making sound decisions in a timely manner is incredibly important and tends to come from real-world experience.
  • Attention to detail. Details are essential to getting things right the first time. You want to find employees that pay attention to the little things just as much as the big picture. That’s because a small mistake in one department could lead to a big problem elsewhere. Everyone makes mistakes, but workers with solid attention to detail are less likely to make them.

How to hire logistics workers

Here are some things to consider when hiring logistics workers for your company.

1. Invest time upfront

Hiring the right people upfront is the best way to reduce turnover and improve productivity. You should invest time to carefully vet new associates and always hire for attitude over skill. Use personality testing and multiple interviews to identify people who are passionate about the job.

2. Prioritize workforce retention

If you are looking to retain employees once you hire them, there are a few things your company should consider. First, your company should establish a competitive salary and benefits package for your market. In addition, you should show associates a clear career path and recognize achievement with easy gestures, like personal notes or a rewards program.

3. Use temporary staffing agencies

Hiring for temporary logistics staffing is strategic. It allows you to manage fluctuating order volumes economically by keeping a full-time staff and bringing in temporary workers as needed.

Are you looking to hire logistics workers?

Rather than putting the work on yourself to find the right logistics workers for your organization, let the experts at Action Logistix handle everything for you. As a premier logistics staffing agency, we excel in finding innovative approaches for staffing logistics and warehouse positions.

Our team brings extensive professional experience to assist logistics companies like yours with their diverse hiring needs. We’re confident that we can find the right employees to fill your job openings quickly, efficiently, and stress-free. Find out how we can help, or contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

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