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Action Logistix

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Who we are
Hire Smart, Hire Fast with Action Logistix!

Action Logistix is an entrepreneurial warehouse dedicated staffing organization committed to serving the Greater St. Louis, Mid-Missouri and Western Illinois metropolitan areas . We excel in finding new, innovative approaches for staffing light industrial and warehouse positions - forklift jobs, machine operator jobs and various other factory jobs in the St. Louis area. Whether you need to fill part time warehouse jobs, or need a full time direct hire, we've got the right employees for you! Our passion is customizing our recruiting process and dedicated staffing services to maximize our customers’ success. It starts with our uniquely detailed pre-employment tests, customized for each position. If you want to partner with one of the best warehouse staffing agencies in the area, please contact us for a 15 minute evaluation.

Let us help you hire smarter

Our agency recruits top candidates across a wide range of industries, so you always have access to the best employees without the headache of sorting through applications.

  • For Employers

    We'll review candidate resumes for you to find the best applicants for open positions. Tell us about your criteria, and we'll ensure potential hires are a match.

  • For Job Seekers

    Are you looking for a great part time warehouse job? Whether you are skilled or unskilled, we have a variety of part time warehouse jobs available. Our goal is to match you with the perfect job to fit your skills, location and your best shift. Submit your application today! Have 2 forms of ID and a short resume ready for your interview

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Awards and certifications
Recognition by our colleagues, clients, and neighbors

Our clients’ opinion of us is what matters most, but we still cherish the praise that comes from our industry and peers. We're proud to share that Action Logistix is frequently recognized as one of the preeminent businesses in the Greater St. Louis area. Here are some of our most noteworthy accolodates.

  • Future 50 Award

    St. Louis Small Business Monthly

  • "Best of" Edition

    St. Louis Small Business Monthly

  • "Best Employment Agency"

    Maryland Heights Chamber of Commerce

Featured on NPR's
THE INDICATOR from Planet Money

NPR interviewed Josh Browell, owner of Action Logistix, about the state of the economy in St. Louis. The 2020 Beigie Awards went to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, where warehouse and logistics jobs are booming. This is a 9 minute listen, with Josh's comments around the 7 minute mark.

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