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Why Working With the Right Warehouse Staffing Firm Reduces Turnover and Costs

July 13, 2020

Keeping your warehouse operations moving during COVID now has the added challenge of finding the right staff, dealing with increased demand, and following heightened safety precautions. Our St. Louis warehouse staffing firm has years of combined experience in the warehouse/light industrial staffing space and we are proud to serve our community. Hiring the right staff for the position the first time means lower turnover rates and ensures production can continue in a consistent and stable manner. Whether you require employees for a distribution operation, production, assembly, or another light industrial business, Action Logistix can help you find the talent you need to move your business forward without interruption. Here’s why working with the right warehouse staffing firm reduces turnover and costs.

Finding the Perfect Staff for the Job Saves Time and Money

One of the toughest parts of finding the right workers is going through dozens of applications and interviews to find the best candidates. Cultural fits, skills, and competency all play a part in finding the right employee for a position. It’s like finding the puzzle piece that fits perfectly vs one that sort of fits. A wrong match can cost you time and money, and going without the ideal candidate for longer than necessary can disrupt production.

Most staffing companies can staff any position ranging from administrative/clerical, accounting and light industrial. 100% of our weekly interviews are dedicated to the light industrial industry compared to generalized staffing firms that need to interview candidates for positions such as customer service, administrative assistant, accounting clerk, forklift drivers, and light industrial positions.  Getting the right workers on the first try has never been more pressing - and that's what makes Action Logistix different from other staffing companies.

Rigorous Employee Verification Provides the Best Candidates

Action Logistix has a 3-point employee verification system that vets all applicants to ensure only those capable of performing the tasks are presented to employers. Part of this process is an industrial skills verification, where potential staff is tested on their knowledge of the job, attention to detail, and pick ticket comprehension. We only deal with warehouse and distribution staff, meaning that our applicant pool includes: warehouse unloaders, picker/packers, production and assembly specialists, machine operators, and forklift operators.

Our goal is to understand your company’s needs and culture so that we supply the perfect candidates, whether they are temporary, direct or temporary-to-hire, or large volume staffing. Our stringent screening process ensures that only the best candidates are put forward. We also provide a guarantee for each direct-hire we provide you because we’re confident we will find the right person for the job. This keeps turnover low, and costs associated with multiple new hires even lower.

Rely on Our Experience in Warehouse Staffing

During COVID, many other warehouse staffing firms in the St. Louis area reduced operations or shut down completely. With fewer choices available, warehouses and businesses have increasingly turned to us for their staffing needs. Action Logistix has kept all of their staffing managers, and we are even expanding! We are considered an essential service and by continuing to do what we do best, everyone wins. Specialized warehouse workers are being employed and warehouses are getting high-quality employees. One of our recent success stories is providing employees to a company that works 365 days a year to make hand sanitizer, a critical substance during these times.

Let Us Find the Workers You Need

Finding the right worker for the job isn’t always easy, especially when dealing with staffing firms that bring in too many candidates who aren’t perfect fits. Action Logistix streamlines the process to get you the right candidates for the job. Learn more about how we can get you the workers you need so you can avoid turnover and save on costs down the road.

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