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Why We Screen with Pre-Employment Testing

March 17, 2020

Pre-employment tests can provide tremendous value for warehouse and manufacturing managers seeking to find the right talent. By adding pre-employment testing to the interviewing process, we're able to get a better handle on the vast pool of candidates applying to open positions, and more easily pare down the selection of higher caliber candidates. There are three types of assessments we use to find the right fit for our customer's needs: Personality testing, Aptitude testing, and Skills testing. These three assessments play an essential role in ensuring we're hiring the right candidates to fit our customer's needs and company culture!

Personality Testing

Personality testing seeks to answer the questions: Will the candidate be comfortable in this role? Does the candidate have the behavioral traits that are linked to success in this position? Will this person fit within the company's culture? Measuring these traits can help us predict job fit by determining if a candidate's behavioral tendencies are a good match for both the position and the company culture.

Aptitude Testing

Aptitude testing measures critical thinking, problem solving, and the ability to learn, digest and apply new information. If you've been following along with our blogs and posting, you've probably seen the question come up: "How important is attention to detail in an employee?". This is exactly why we conduct aptitude testing. We know the value of having an employee who has a keen eye for detail and an ability to use effective critical thinking. These abilities are difficult to assess based solely on resumes and interviews, and that is where aptitude testing can help.

Skills Testing

Skills tests measure job-related competencies; broad ones like verbal, math, and communication skills, or narrow ones like forklift and CNC skills. These are skills that candidates have picked up through their education and career histories. These skills do not necessarily reflect basic aptitude but instead reflect acquired knowledge based on previous experience. At Action Logistix we employ both general skills testing as well as specified skills testing to ensure we're placing candidates in the right positions that their experience and knowledge is suited for. This ensures that our customers aren't being placed with under-qualified candidates for high-skilled positions.

Let Action Logistix do the Hiring for You!

So, when you’ve got positions to fill and project deadlines are starting to bear down on you, don’t hire just anyone who applies for an open position and looks great on paper. Let Action Logistix provide you with a higher caliber employee that’ll meet your immediate warehouse staffing needs, and potentially become a full-time dedicate staff member. Let us take the difficult work out of hiring and make us your dedicated warehouse staffing agency!

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