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Why Should I Use a Specialized Temp Agency for My Warehouse?

March 22, 2021

Your warehouse’s operations depend on the ready availability of skilled and unskilled workers. The trouble, however, is that finding dependable workers is an ongoing challenge, especially when you have so many other business responsibilities to take care of.

At Action Logistix, we support businesses like yours to maintain appropriate warehouse staffing levels.

If you’re not sure whether your operations might benefit from you using a specialized warehouse staffing agency, consider the following advantages.


Depending on your business, you might need seasonal workers from time to time. Finding staff for such specific roles tends to be difficult, yet retaining workers when there’s little for them to do is costly for your business.

Warehouse staffing temp agencies provide a solution to this problem, since you can flexibly hire staff to align with your labor fluctuations. Temp agencies are built to offer you immediate support when your need for workers, skilled and unskilled, rises or falls unexpectedly.

The flexibility of warehouse staffing temp agencies means you can find staff for as little as a few days or periods of up to 90 days if you expect a prolonged need for workers.

Help with finding permanent employees

While you may be depending on temporary staff now, you may also have hopes of building a roster of permanent workers.

Warehouse temporary agencies offer temp-to-hire programs that help you identify workers who would make a good fit for your business. Try before you buy is win/win for everybody.

A significant advantage to finding permanent warehouse staff this way is that you get a chance to know the workers. You can observe how they work while they’re still temps to see if they have the skills and traits you’re looking for.

Hiring long-term staff like this is much less risky than waiting until you’ve employed the worker to get a day-to-day sense of their abilities.

Extensive background checks

Apart from being hardworking, warehouse workers need to be honest, upstanding, and trustworthy. Considering the importance of your warehouse to your business’ continuity, this is something you’d want to make sure of before each new hire.

But comprehensive background checks can be difficult and time-consuming to carry out.

Warehouse temporary agencies can check different databases and registries to get a full picture of each candidate’s history, including any instances of misdemeanors and felonies.

And a specialized warehouse staffing agency should also carry out further tests to make sure candidates don’t have habits that could affect their ability to perform their job. This involves a pass/fail detail test, a behavioral interview and five-panel drug screen.

Such critical tests may be difficult for you to conduct, but a specialized warehouse staffing agency can make sure each person you work with has had their character thoroughly evaluated, giving you greater peace of mind.

Access to trained, competent workers

General temp agencies maintain talent pools that contain different skill sets, but a warehouse temp agency focuses on exactly the type of staff you’re looking for. This helps them understand traits that make for productive warehouse workers.

Such qualities may include attention to detail, experience with using an RF scanner, pick ticket comprehension and ability to operate your forklift and machines.

The workers supplied by a specialized warehouse staffing temp agency are always tested for the light industrial skills they need to be efficient workers with the greatest chance to be successful in your organization. What it means to work with a specialized warehouse staffing agency is that you see a higher caliber of workers, that translates into higher production and lower turnover.

Meet your staffing needs with a specialized warehouse temporary agency

All workers registered with us at Action Logistix pass through an attention to detail test, behavioral interview and three-point verification process that checks their background, industrial skills, and possible drug use. When you use us to fill roles at your warehouse, you can be certain you’re getting qualified and dependable staff. Contact us today to find the best workers for your warehouse.

Workers supplied by warehouse temp agencies.

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