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What to Look For When Choosing Between Logistics Recruiting Services
April 25, 2022

Not all warehouse staffing agencies are the same. The quality of service and caliber of employees can vary greatly depending on several important internal factors. And since your company relies on qualified warehouse staff to complete your projects on time with all expectations met, you need the best staff possible.

One way to ensure your warehouse is staffed with the right team is to connect with staffing companies that specialize in recruiting for light industrial employers. But if you’re unsure of what to look for in a staffing company, you could end up with unprofessional staff. Which can lead to delays in your delivery times, lower production, missed deadlines, and higher turnover. Ultimately, this can cost your business time, money, and reputation.

To help you find a company that you can trust to connect you with qualified people, we’ve put together this guide.

What is Their Staffing Approach?

The way a warehouse staffing company fills positions is a great indicator of their industry experience, as well as their knowledge of what positions a business actually needs to prioritize. For example, while most staffing firms recruit for a wide range of positions from administrative and clerical to accounting and light industrial, at Action Logistix, our staffing approach is dedicated entirely to recruiting talent for light industrial, production, manufacturing and large distribution facilities.

This means that 100% of our weekly interviews are focused on the positions that make up warehouse operations and distribution. Our company specifically recruits, interviews, and hires individuals for Unloader, Kitting, and Re-pack positions on the warehouse side, as well as Order Selectors and Equipment Operators on the distribution.

All of our interviews emphasize asking the most relevant and important questions that directly relate to key warehouse staffing positions. General staffing companies, on the other hand, are more likely to conduct less specialized interviews and lack the expertise required to conduct effective warehouse candidate interviews.

Vetting System

It’s important that when you’re hiring warehouse staffing, the candidates are qualified for the position. However, general staffing companies are not as equipped to vet warehouse candidates with the same level of detail that Action Logistix does. Thorough skill evaluations, background checks, and drug screenings are the key components of our 3 Point Employee Verification System.

Close to 30% of applicants are not able to pass the evaluations we use to vet candidates. And that’s because we strive to find only the highest caliber of warehouse employees. General staffing agencies are more likely to apply general assessments to each position — regardless of the industry or role they’re hiring for.

Range of Services

Lastly, you’ll want a clear understanding of the kinds of services a staffing company provides. Do they offer specialized services for the light industrial positions they staff? Or do they have a more “hands-off” approach?

Before you decide to choose a staffing company, consider if their services will complement your current business structure and if the company can provide extra support throughout the staffing process.

For example, does the company offer temporary hire programs for short-term projects? Or temporary to hire services so you can ensure the employee is a good fit before you hire them full-time?

To help with this process, think about your immediate needs versus your long-term goals. If you know you have multiple projects coming up this year, and you need extra staff quickly, a direct hire solution could be best.

Action Logistix: Experts in Warehouse Staffing

Action Logistix provides a variety of services that are tailored to hiring high-quality candidates in the light industrial industry. Unlike general staffing companies, our services prioritize the specific needs of your warehouse by equipping it with qualified teams.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the staffing solutions we offer.

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