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What does Action Logstix offer your warehouse and logistics teams?

August 4, 2023

Filling empty warehouse and logistics positions can be a major challenge for companies. You're not alone in dealing with constant hiring issues, like high turnover, changing labor markets, and finding employees with the right skills.

The strain staffing challenges put on HR departments takes focus away from core business activities.

Partnering with a dedicated warehouse staffing agency like Action Logistix eliminates common pain points. Our expertise and connections in the logistics labor market makes building your team easy.

What is Action Logistix?

Action Logistix is an entrepreneurial warehouse dedicated staffing organization committed with headquarters in St. Louis, MO. Our passion is customizing recruiting and staffing services to maximize customer success.

We set ourselves apart by creating detailed pre-employment tests tailored to each open position. Our team excels at finding innovative approaches for staffing light industrial and warehouse roles, such as:

  • Forklift operators
  • Machine operators
  • General factory positions
  • Administrative

Get to know Action Logistix's unique approach

Action Logistix brings focus to staffing by only interviewing and screening candidates for warehouse, logistics and its supporting positions.

This niche focus has empowered us to become experts in evaluating logistics talent. A key part of this process is the 3-Point Employee Verification System.

Our comprehensive screening process evaluates skills, runs background checks, and conducts drug tests––eliminating up to 25 to 30 percent of applicants who don't pass.

This system ensures only the most qualified candidates get sent to customers.

Custom staffing solutions for employers

Action Logistix offers a range of staffing solutions tailored to employer needs. Options include:

  • Onsite staffing with dedicated recruiters at high-volume facilities
  • Direct hires for filling roles long-term
  • Temporary assignments from one to 90 days
  • Temp-to-hire for extended evaluation periods

Our access to qualified logistics talent means companies can build teams without the typical hiring headaches. We do the candidate screening and sorting so employers only interview the prospects for the position.

Staffing solutions for job seekers

Job seekers can leverage Action Logistix's expertise to find the ideal warehouse or logistics opportunity. The staffing experts on our team match candidates based on their skills, location, and preferred shift timing.

Whether an applicant wants full-time direct placement or part-time temp work, we can connect them to the ideal position. We aim to ensure job seekers find roles that align with their individual needs and talents.

Working with a team that are experts in staffing for the logistics industry will help you free up time in your day to run the business. Outsourcing your recruiting saves you time, money and reduces your turnover. Outsourcing means no more headaches dealing with unemployment claims, garnishments, hiring and firing. Outsourcing transfers your Worker Comp liability from your books to the staffing agency. Outsourcing also transfers your costs and enrollment headaches for employee benefits.

Unlock your logistics potential with a staffing partner

Action Logistix is the leading logistics staffing provider in the region. Our sole focus on warehouse and operations roles provides unmatched insight into the labor pool.

Companies that leverage Action Logistix's niche experience and connections can optimize their supply chain staffing to maximize warehouse productivity and cost savings.

If you're in a constant state of hiring and training, then your focus can't be on growing your business, troubleshooting issues before they become disruptive, and identifying opportunities. Action Logistix eliminates the time-consuming hassle of recruitment for warehouse teams.

Contact Action Logistix to supercharge your recruitment and hiring process

Building an exceptional logistics team doesn't have to be a challenge. The warehouse staffing experts at Action Logistix make it easy. Contact us today for custom solutions tailored to your staffing needs.


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