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Tips for Logistics Staffing during the Holiday Rush

August 27, 2022

Is your business gearing up to fulfill holiday orders? You’ll not only need to make sure you have enough workers on hand to handle seasonal demand but also that you hire the right people and train them to do the job.

The holiday rush is no time to be short-staffed or to have workers making mistakes that could harm your business. Here are a few tips for temporary warehouse staffing in St. Louis.

1. Bring back your best temporary warehouse workers

If you’ve kept in contact with your best holiday workers from previous seasons, it may be worth reaching out to them as you prepare to ramp up. You can start with a call or letter to gauge their interest in returning.

Following up also makes it clear to seasonal candidates that if they perform well during the busy season, they may be eligible for year-round employment after the busy season ends. Some companies keep a call-back list to let people know if staff is needed, that they’ll be the first ones called before new hires.

2. Work with a recruiting service to find talent

You should work to develop a strong relationship with a staffing agency throughout the year. As you’re building relationships with temporary agencies, you should look at their quality of work and test their ability with hiring. You will need to give the agencies plenty of notice about when you’ll need workers and how many. Ideally, you should give them at least one month's notice so they can find the temporary labor you will need for the upcoming season or project.

3. Involve other staff members in the hiring process

As you look for temporary workers for the upcoming season, it’s essential that you do not make this another Human Resources task. You should work with your Human Resources department and have an operational leader perform an interview and a walk-through with the candidate to expose them to the work environment. This will allow any potential employees to see what the expectations are for the position and help your operational leaders choose the staff they want to work with.

4. Give your temporary workers a trial run

As you’re gearing up for peak season, you should run a few tests to see if an employee will work out. You can even bring in seasonal help during the summer ,months. This will help you identify employees who are strong performers, so you can request them on future spikes and during the holiday season.

5. Offer a fair wage

As you prepare to hire temporary employees, you should consider keeping the pay rate above minimum wage. That’s because it can be a big motivator and help weed out employees who don’t want to work. You may also want to consider building an incentive program that affects the pay rate for workers who perform beyond expectations.

Action Logistix offers recruiting services for warehouse and light industrial employers in the St. Louis area.

Our team provides high-quality temporary workers in manufacturing, distribution, and fulfillment. By conducting thorough screening, we ensure employers have qualified staff for forklift operation, assembly, picking, and more. Because we bring decades of industry experience in logistics, we can provide our clients with unparalleled results for staffing their enterprise.

The Action Logistix pre-employment testing process evaluates applicants for their attention to detail, job skills, and culture match. We eliminate up to 30 percent of applicants pre-interview, so our clients only interview qualified candidates.

Contact Action Logistix to work with the premier resource for finding qualified, high-qualified job seekers in logistics and manufacturing.

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