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Tips to Ensure Your New Hires Have Proper Forklift Training

October 11, 2022

Selecting the right applicant for any job is a grueling process that requires a lot of time and energy. For warehouse employers in the St. Louis and Western Illinois metropolitan areas looking for experienced and properly trained staff, that process is even more exhaustive. When picking a new employee, you want to find someone who not only fits your company's culture, but is prepared to take on all that a warehouse job encompasses.

One of the most important aspects of warehouse work is forklift operation—something each warehouse needs 24/7. At Action Logistix we help warehouse employers in the St. Louis and Western Illinois metro areas get connected with the most experienced warehouse workers out there.

Use the following tips for ensuring your new hires have proper forklift training in St. Louis to keep your staff efficient, safe, and highly-skilled.

Be clear about required skills

The first step to connecting with new hires who have received proper forklift training in St. Louis should be to outline the skills your team is looking for. Forklift operation is vital to the flow of a successful warehouse and requires a skilled professional at the wheel. Thus, forklift operating positions often need to be filled urgently.

Approaching the hiring process with a well defined set of skills you’re looking for will help you connect with only the best trained forklift operators in St. Louis. Your list of skills and traits should roughly detail the following:

  • Required amount of forklift operating experience
  • Experience managing inventory
  • Knowledge of safety standards
  • Physical fitness—lifting abilities and so forth

Once you’ve narrowed down your required skill set, you begin to weed out applicants who don’t fit your standards and haven’t received the forklift training in St. Louis you’re really looking for. This would also be a good time to set your budget. Remember, the more experience, the more your compensation package should be.

While cost can be a sore spot when looking for qualified forklift operators, remember how essential they are to your warehouse’s success.

Utilize pre-hire screening tests

Another great way to ensure your new hires have received proper forklift training is to conduct pre-hire screening tests. These tests can be used to screen for a number of things, including aptitude and skills testing. Aptitude and skills testing will be the most important type of screening test to specifically screen for candidates with proper forklift training in St. Louis, as they will reveal any weak spots or strong suits.

Pre-hire screening tests can really save you when trying to find the most skilled forklift operator for your warehouse staff.

Work with a savvy industrial staffing business

Industrial staffing teams are here to help when it comes to connecting warehouse employers with the right warehouse workers. The best way to ensure you’re finding and hiring applicants with proper forklift training and any other skills you require is to work with a reliable industrial staffing team like ours at Action Logistix.

Our rigorous screening service effectively eliminates 25-30% of applicants—leaving you with only the best of the best to work with. When you work with Action Logistix, you support a win-win business transaction—as you get connected with skilled employees and workers get connected with reliable employers. We know the ins and outs of the warehouse industry and are prepared to provide employers with the very best workers and workers with the very best employers.

Take the next step and reach out today!

If you’re in need of a reliable forklift operator, don’t hesitate—act now. A warehouse cannot function effectively without each position filled by a competent worker. Reach out to our skilled team today to get connected with experienced and qualified candidates in St. Louis.

Tips to Ensure Your New Hires Have Proper Forklift Training

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