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Why Our St. Louis Warehouse Staffing Managers are On-Site

December 28, 2020

Light industrial warehouses constantly have fluctuating staffing needs to meet variations in production and distribution demands. That’s why many large distribution and manufacturing facilities partner with warehouse staffing agencies like Action Logistix - to provide for "just in time" production staffing. However, not every staffing agency is capable of providing an on-site staffing manager to efficiently monitor and manage these production variations. This can be a critical service, though, because we continually see numerous benefits of having our St. Louis area warehouse staffing managers be designated to our high volume customers.

Benefits of Having St. Louis Warehouse Staffing Managers in the Organization

Gives us a better understanding of your company.

To ensure we can provide optimal service with quantifiable results, we don’t merely want the most basic information about your business. Instead, we like to have our St. Louis warehouse staffing managers on-site to have a more robust understanding of your daily workflows, business goals, and obstacles in day-to-day processes. By truly understanding how your business works from a first-hand experience, we can better meet your needs and recruit the ideal workforce to maximize productivity.

Allows us to bring on higher-quality candidates.

By being on-site and having a deeper understanding of your warehouse’s operations, our team can bring in potential employees who are better suited for your operation. We’ll have the ability to create the most accurate job listing and interview for your warehouse specifically rather than a more generic approach. All of our employees undergo our 3-point verification process, so you can have peace of mind knowing you’re receiving highly skilled and qualified workers.

Simplifies the onboarding for new hires.

You have enough on your plate running the warehouse without having to divert your attention to onboarding every time you bring on a new employee. We facilitate that process so you can focus your attention on other core business activities. We handle all of the pertinent paperwork processing and initial training so that our workers are ready to start performing their duties quicker and more efficiently.

Affords you more employee oversight.

Our warehouse staffing managers are responsible for finding quality candidates by performing detail and skills testings to bring in a higher caliber employee to fit your culture. We are a long-term partner who helps maximize productivity and improve operations on an ongoing basis. Action Logistix ensures that best practices are being followed and that all job applicants have been fully pre-screened and detail tested. The staffing managers at Action Logistix are dedicated to simplifying your daily duties, sending you a higher quality of talent, while understanding your challenges and company culture. All of these components support higher production with lower employee turnover. Through continual communication, Action Logistix is your partner in excellence and growth.

Creates more proactive solutions.

Without a designated on-site warehouse staffing manager, St. Louis area warehouse and logistics companies are often left scrambling without enough workers to meet production goals. This means production lines are not staffed fully, which affects your bottom line. By designating a committed staffing manager for our customers, though, we can better provide proactive solutions. Whether it’s additional demands from new business, preparing for an upcoming busy season, or planning for industry shifts, you can rest easy knowing your warehouse or distribution facility won’t be hit with any surprises when it comes to staffing.

Let Action Logistix Handle All of Your Light Industrial Staffing Needs.

Our team is always dedicated to understanding market trends and discovering innovative ways to meet our clients’ needs.

We’ve found great success by aligning our St. Louis area staffing managers with each customer. Unlike general staffing firms, we are 100% dedicated to staffing in the light industry field, so we have a deeper and more comprehensive applicant pipeline and understanding of the challenges your business faces.

That’s why we tailor our solutions to each client to give both you and our candidates the best chance to succeed. If you have any openings you need filled or wish to learn more about our aligned on-site management approach, send us a message online to set up a consultation and learn how we can help.

Having St. Louis warehouse staffing managers on-site is greatly beneficial to our business partners.

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