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Why Does Your Business Need Specialized Warehouse Staffing?

August 3, 2020

When your warehouse needs employees, specialized staffing means your business gets high-caliber employees quickly. Whether you’re expanding and need more staff on short-notice, or replacing staff that left, finding the perfect employees to fill the gap is crucial to running a business. Traditional staffing agencies divide their workers into two categories - clerical and light industrial. Action Logistix is dedicated to providing quality staff for light industrial work and focuses on providing warehouses with specialized workers. We divide our applicant pool into two categories - skilled and unskilled. After all, if you are looking for a forklift operator, for example, you shouldn’t have to sift through applications from general warehouse workers who can't pass a forklift test. Hiring specialized staff means you get a highly qualified person for the job which minimizes turnover and saves you time and money.

How Specialized Warehouse Staffing Works

Rather than focusing on volume, we focus on quality. We developed a 3 point screening system when looking through applicants, so you don’t have to! About 25% - 30% of applicants don’t pass this screening, so we know we give you only the best. We pride ourselves on selecting the most reliable and qualified employees to present to our clients. This is how our system works:

1. Skill Test

From entry level employees to highly skilled ones, each must undergo a rigorous evaluation customized for your position. That includes a detailed test for everybody to identify their attention to detail. Additional tests may include a ruler, math, skills and behavioral evaluations.

2. Background Check

Following all Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulations, we perform a thorough screening for previous criminal activity that includes misdemeanors, felonies, theft, and drug convictions.

3. Drug Screening

A urinalysis and a 5 panel analysis.

The Benefits of Specialized Warehouse Staffing

1. Skilled and Highly-Qualified Workers

A busy warehouse that runs efficiently relies on qualified and hard working employees. There is often an in-house dedicated hiring person who sifts through applications, but outsourcing that can save you time and money. A specialized warehouse staffing agency can provide much more thorough and detailed skills and background assessments - that's all they do!

2. Lower Turnover Rates

Our vetting process means that the employees who are hired are the right fit for the job. Our dedication to specialized staffing means that the potential workers we present to employers have been carefully selected for the job. High turnover rates can be an issue in any industry, and especially in light industrial work. By matching the right employee for the position, we ensure your warehouse is running smoothly and productively.

Flexible Working Arrangements

Depending on your type of business fluctuations - from short term project work to seasonal high demands to projected growth or to filling open permanent positions - a specialized warehouse staffing firm is your most cost effective "go to" hiring partner. If a position needs to be filled for a short period, temporary workers suit these positions. A temporary to hire position, on the other hand, gives employers time to evaluate potential workers before committing to hiring them full-time. If a warehouse needs permanent positions filled immediately, our direct hire guarantee means we will find the right person for the job and stand behind it. Finally, for large volume hiring, we can provide an onsite, dedicated Staffing Manager with custom management reports.

The Final Word

Keeping operations running smoothly is a time consuming job - from interviews to paperwork to performance management to Workers Comp claims management to firing and dealing with last-minute staffing demands. It's never ending. Working with a specialized staffing firm takes care of these details and allows you to focus on your business.

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