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Specialized Logistics Staffing: How to Find Higher-Caliber Workers
January 3, 2023

The demand for finding highly qualified talent has taken a sharp increase. It’s not only large corporations and massive brands that are placing emphasis on finding the “right” talent, but also warehouses and factories. Sourcing the right talent for the correct position has become a competitive advantage within each industry.

Here’s a list of what employers can do to find higher-caliber workers.

1. Highlight your brand

No matter the industry, a strong employer brand puts the company on top of a candidate’s priority list when they are pursuing a new position. Your company’s brand can often be one of the deciding factors impacting whether someone submits an outstanding job application.

When targeting talent, you must present your brand in the best way possible, displaying the experience’s value for a candidate before it even begins. You can highlight your brand, business, or mission statement on social media to gain a following and highlight it on any job application posted.

2. Consider hiring a recruiting firm

It can be helpful to have a third party’s insights into your recruiting and spot where you can improve in the long run. Delegating recruitment to an agency with better reach and experience can also help you reach more workers than your company can. Outsourcing and delegating recruitment to another firm can eliminate the intricacies and complications that come with sourcing talent.

Recruitment agencies also have a pulse on the talent market and are better informed, better equipped, and more familiar with what candidates are looking for. It’s a matter of knowing what people want and looking for in a job, so negotiations and candidate sourcing are more effortless in the long run.

3. Create a good candidate experience

Creating a good employee experience is vital to attracting top talent for your warehouse, fulfillment, or distribution center. Your employees won’t want to recommend your company to people they know if they are worried they will hate the hiring process. You will want to ensure the experience is seamless from beginning to end and always follow through with candidates, whether they are chosen or not. And if you already have a solid plan in place for candidates, your current employees are likely to recommend your company based on the time they spent getting to know your company before you hired them.

4. Provide development opportunities

For high-achieving professionals, the opportunity to develop personally and professionally is crucial for job satisfaction. Most people want to work for a company that will help progress their career and expands their existing skill sets. Does your company offer ongoing training and development? Clear opportunities and pathways for growth and promotion? Challenging and rewarding projects? Cultivating an environment where people can learn and progress will help engage existing employees and enhance your reputation as an employer.

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At Action Logistix, our team provides high-quality temporary workers in manufacturing, distribution, and fulfillment for companies in the St. Louis community. By conducting thorough screening, we ensure employers have qualified staff for forklift operation, assembly, picking, and more. Because we bring decades of industry experience in logistics, we provide our clients with unparalleled results for staffing their enterprises.

The Action Logistix pre-employment testing process evaluates applicants for their attention to detail, job skills, and culture match. We eliminate up to 30% of applicants due to our unique detailed testing and behavioral screening, so our clients only interview qualified candidates.

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