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7 Retention Ideas for Logistics Workers

September 21, 2022

As a warehouse owner or manager, you must create an environment that makes employees want to stick around. Having a team of high-performing employees, both permanent and temporary, reduces the time you need to spend searching for and onboarding new workers — saving money and time and boosting productivity. But employee retention is easier said than done.

So what strategies can help you keep workers around? We’ll explain a few retention ideas for warehouse workers below.

1. Show your workers you care

Showing your warehouse workers that you care can give you an advantage over competitors. To do that, you’ll need to establish an inclusive culture that listens to staff at all levels. Ask your warehouse workers what they would like to change about your company and try to implement any good ideas that they have.

Even if you take small steps, it will help improve your company culture. You should also consider measuring employee morale from time to time to ensure you’re heading in the right direction.

2. Check in before onboarding

Do you have a few new warehouse workers joining your team? Have their future supervisor reach out in advance of their first day to check in, answer any questions they may have, and see if there’s anything the company can help with. This will show your new employees that your company is interested and ready to take action.

3. Be flexible

If you want to retain staff, consider building flexibility into your shifts to boost staff satisfaction and retention. Some workers prefer working traditional day shifts while their kids are in school, while some may enjoy working at night. Other employees have only been available for shorter shifts. Offering a variety of start times and lengths can help you appeal to a wider pool of candidates.

4. Implement the buddy system

Assigning a buddy to your new warehouse workers can be a great idea. Pair each new warehouse worker with a buddy to welcome them and ensure they feel like they are part of the team. After all, the first few days can feel long and awkward, especially if you don’t know anyone.

5. Hold daily meetings

Consider holding daily shift meetings to get your team aligned. You can make them brief and provide an overview of the progress that’s been made and highlight any important objectives. Daily meetings are the perfect time to introduce new employees to the team. Make sure your employees’ voices are heard during the meeting and answer any questions they may have before their shift starts. Ending meetings with a High Five "go team" goes miles to helping employees feel a connection to their team, and your company.

6. Offer competitive pay

There’s a high demand for warehouse workers, especially as we head into the holiday season. You should compare your salaries to what competitors are offering and ensure your workers are fairly compensated for their work. Openly communicate with your employees about working conditions and pay.

7. Provide career development opportunities

Promotions in the warehouse industry can be limited. You can stand out from competitors by providing career development, training opportunities and incentives for all workers — regardless if they are temporary or permanent. These could include $25 gas gift cards, earned time off and even calling out names of workers who go above and beyond. It's amazing how just hearing their name as a top proformer is an incentive to others to also be called out and recognized. Words are cheap and go a long way to employee satisfaction.

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