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How to Find Jobs that Hire Felons in Saint Louis, MO

July 19, 2022

Finding a new job is never easy for a justice-involved person. In fact, many job seekers with criminal felonies have found it difficult to reintegrate into the workforce. Fortunately, there are still companies out there that are open and committed to hiring former felons.

At Action Logistix, we work with manufacturing businesses to find employees that fit their diverse needs. We have over 40 years of experience matching employees of all backgrounds with potential employers, making it a win-win situation for both.

Here are a few ways to find jobs that hire felons in Saint Louis, MO:

1. Use Word of Mouth

People without felonies use their network of family and friends to find jobs. The same can go for former felons. Apply to companies where friends or family members can back you with a recommendation or referral. Adding a personal angle gives every jobseeker a definite advantage, especially when overcoming an obstacle like a criminal record.

2. Don’t Be Picky

If you have a previous criminal history and have had a hard time getting a job, it pays not to be choosy. Consider applying for jobs where you can establish yourself as someone who shows up and does their job as a reliable employee. It will be much easier to work your way up the ladder.

3. Be Proactive

Once you get in front of a potential employer, it’s essential to pitch yourself and prove how good of an employee you’ll be. Presenting yourself as someone who’s willing to go the extra mile and take initiative will show them that you’re an asset, even if your background isn’t ideal.

4. Honesty Is the Best Policy

You should be upfront and honest when facing the initial “check-the-box” question: “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?” Almost every employer asks this question, so it’s better to get it out of the way and deal with it from the start. If the company is open to hiring people with convictions, it shows they want people who take responsibility and are going to be honest. Note that you may not need to disclose a lot of information up front. However, it’s still better to answer the required questions.

5. Search for Industries that Need Workers

There are several industries that are always in need of workers, making it more likely that they will hire people with criminal records. Manufacturing, warehouse, manual labor, customer service, and restaurants tend to have more laidback approaches to hiring felons in Saint Louis, MO.

6. Consider Working in Sales

While it might not be your first career option, becoming a salesperson can be a good option if you are having a hard time finding a job with a criminal background. Sales is a valuable skill to have in general, and if you are good at it, you should be able to find a job within that field and make a great living while you’re at it.

Finding a job as a felon does not have to be hard. Have the right mindset and keep your eyes open for potential opportunities all around you.

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