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How Action Logistix Solves Distribution Job Staffing Issues in St. Louis

August 14, 2020

The key to solving distribution job staffing challenges for your St. Louis business is matching you with high-caliber candidates who pass an in-depth pre-employment screening. But because this type of process is not common, it’s a huge part of what separates Action Logistix from other warehouse and light industrial staffing firms in the St. Louis area. Here’s how we help you bypass the headaches of hiring for your business.

Pre-screening Means Fewer Candidates

One of the most time-consuming aspects of finding the right employee for the job is navigating the dozens of applications—many of which include applicants whose skills are far from the right fit for your operation.

Our interview process includes pre-screening testing, which eliminates 25-30% of applicants right off the bat. Not only does this help us narrow down the applicants before passing them on to you for a faster hiring experience, but it also allows us to provide candidates who:

  • Are better suited skill-wise for your organization
  • Have been subjected to more rigorous examination
  • Will be a natural fit for your company’s culture

Specifics Determine the Right Fit

Three essential components comprise our pre-screening assessment:

  • Attention to detail testing
  • Personality testing
  • Skills testing

By focusing on these three integral areas, we’re able to eliminate lower-caliber candidates and move forward with those who are highly qualified for your company’s role. Our rigorous screening helps us determine which applicants have what it takes to drive your business forward—but only if they perform well in each of these categories.

Tailored Fit

Our three-pronged testing approach serves as a stringent marker of qualifications for those in the warehousing and manufacturing industries. We use the outcome of these tests to determine which candidates’ scores are best aligned for your needs and your needs alone. Our clients find this to be a top benefit of outsourcing their staffing.

We’re confident in this approach because we take the time to listen and understand exactly what you’re looking for in your candidates. This includes specifics like:

  • Your company’s culture
  • Staff personalities
  • Your unique requirements and challenges
  • Any and all specific, non-negotiable qualifications or disqualifications
  • Providing an open line of communication at all points in the process

Keep Your Business Moving

Even before COVID-19 placed unprecedented burdens on warehouses to keep operations moving, businesses faced backlog challenges. Our accelerated screening and hiring process gets you the qualified, specialized workers you need to keep your supply chains open.

If you’re experiencing a surge in demand for your products, you likely need to increase your headcount to meet this demand. When you rely on us for your outsourced hiring, we take on the task of finding the right fit while you address more immediate needs.

Outsourcing your hiring needs to us spares you the headaches and time-commitment of finding the right candidate yourself. And because sourcing only qualified candidates is what we do, you can rest assured we come back to you only when we’ve found the perfect fit for your operation.

Solve Your Hiring Challenges with Action Logistix

We understand that your distribution job staffing issues for your St. Louis company aren’t always easily solvable on your own—and that’s where we come in. We ensure a better matching and hiring experience while you focus on keeping your business operating smoothly. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you hire the perfect candidate for your operation.

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