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How dedicated staffing in St. Louis helps warehouse turnover

June 7, 2021

In 2019, the average manufacturing turnover rate nationally was 31.6%. In 2020, this number climbed to 44.3%. In the Midwest, it was even higher - 44.0% in 2019 and 58.8% in 2020. A high turnover rate isn’t just an inconvenience. Hiring new employees is expensive, and high turnover rates increase your costs and lower production. However, with Action Logistix, you have dedicated warehouse staffing experts on your side offering industry insights and guidance! Our dedicated staffing in the St. Louis and Western Illinois area helps to find a higher caliber of employees for your warehouse. We excel in finding new, innovative approaches for staffing light industrial and warehouse positions, especially in this unique hiring environment - that's all we do!

Here’s how to minimize warehouse turnover rates:

1. Communicate clear career paths

A primary reason employees leave warehouses is a dearth of opportunity. They consider it a means to an end as opposed to a career.

As an employer, it’s your responsibility to communicate opportunities for advancement. By showing employees roles to aspire to as they develop careers, you’re demonstrating your commitment to them, too.

A great way to communicate this is through training. This significantly increases employee engagement and is proven to enrich work culture, engender job satisfaction, and motivate staff.

Offering training displays a commitment to your employees’ futures, which cultivates an ongoing commitment to you. Training initiatives make employees:

  • Feel appreciated
  • Feel a sense of purpose
  • Stick around longer
  • Perform better

Upskilling and development programs are essential to retaining employees. Action Logistix’s dedicated staffing in St. Louis ensures your employees understand the possibility of advancement. More importantly, we ensure your priorities and goals align.

2. Rewards and recognition

Top-performing warehouses with low turnover rates share common traits. One such trait is recognition of high performance. When you have good workers, retention should be a priority.

A great way to encourage employees to stay on board is through recognition and rewards. Incentive-based pay and other reward schemes give employees an end goal to work toward and the satisfaction of knowing they exceeded expectations.

Things like recognition at company events or bonuses instill a sense of control and accomplishment that enhances the entire warehouse’s atmosphere. However, rewards don’t have to be monetary. Simply offering time off will go a long way.

Ultimately, these incentives and initiatives send the message that employee efforts won’t go unnoticed. A simple verbal acknowledgment, plaque, or certificate shows employees you care and is the surest way to get them to reciprocate.

Luckily, with Action Logistix, our dedicated staffing in St. Louis ensures your expectations are in sync with your employees’.

3. Review compensation

If you’re experiencing a high turnover rate, it’s time to reevaluate your compensation package. Top-performing warehouses with minimal turnover rates consistently offer compensation 50% above minimum wage.

Assess the compensation competitors are offering. If you know what opportunities are luring employees away, honestly compare their compensation package to yours.

However, compensation isn’t just salary. Benefits and perks factor in majorly. Reviewing your compensation in its totality is of the utmost importance. For example, offering to pay transportation fees for those taking the bus will work wonders.

Even paying for lunches and communicating career opportunities will retain valued employees. However, to avoid misunderstandings, Action Logistix’s dedicated staffing in St. Louis ensures each employee understands the ins and outs of your compensation package.

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If you’re unable to retain employees, our dedicated staffing solutions in the Greater St. Louis and Western Illinois metropolitan area are your premier option. Our pre-employment screening process ensures you hire the most compatible, qualified, and capable employees. We excel in finding new, innovative approaches for staffing light industrial and warehouse positions. Our passion is customizing our recruiting process and staffing services to maximize our customers’ success. Contact us now for a consultation! Good employees are only hard to find if you don’t use Action Logistix.

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