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Things to Look for in Warehouse and Logistics Staffing Agencies
August 28, 2023

Staffing a warehouse is a major responsibility, especially for large-scale operations that require a sizable team. Often, there are challenges in thoroughly evaluating all applicants. This is where the importance of warehouse staffing agencies becomes evident. By partnering with a trusted staffing agency, warehouse owners can be confident that their operations are managed by skilled and experienced personnel. However, this assurance relies on selecting a warehouse staffing agency that is exceptionally qualified to hire suitable employees.


Among the multitude of staffing agencies available, only a handful are truly focused on recruiting warehouse personnel. Many agencies that claim to possess warehouse staffing expertise often oversimplify their categorization, labeling applicants as either clerical or light industrial workers. However, at Action Logistix, we appreciate the wide spectrum of skills and specialized training that define qualified warehouse personnel across various job roles.

Rather than employing a one-size-fits-all approach, we meticulously categorize our pool of applicants into distinct positions, including equipment operators, forklift operators, picker/packers, highly skilled workers and more. Collaborating with a warehouse staffing agency that is hyper-focused on finding a higher caliber of employee and matching your cultures should be the primary focus.

Stringent screening process

The caliber of your workforce is intricately linked to the protocols and standards upheld by your chosen staffing agency. A trustworthy agency should diligently verify that applicants hold requisite certifications, have undergone safety training, pass drug screenings, background checks and possess the necessary educational qualifications suitable for warehouse roles. Regrettably, busy business executives don't have the time to manage the hiring, interviewing, testing and screening process. This is particularly true when hiring a large number of people.

This is where leading warehouse staffing agencies come into play, offering a well-defined, non-negotiable hiring process. This streamlined approach significantly simplifies the task of identifying and securing top-tier workers of exceptional quality. At Action Logistix, we deploy a 3 point employee verification system to ensure only top candidates are passed onto our clients.


Another valuable aspect to look for in a warehouse staffing agency is its adaptability concerning different forms of employment. While some staffing agencies solely focus on supplying candidates for full-time positions, others present the opportunity to hire for short-term assignments, direct hires, and temporary-to-hire positions. This flexibility simplifies the process for business owners to make well-suited financial choices and expand their workforce when needed.

Reporting services

An important feature that distinguishes top-tier warehouse staffing agencies is their reporting services. These services involve assigning specialized staff from the agency to assess and generate reports on various aspects such as employee attendance, productivity and turnover. This streamlined approach aids in monitoring the performance of newly recruited employees and ensuring your production lines are fully staffed, turnover is reduced and production is increased.

Are you searching for the best warehouse staffing agency to deliver excellence to your industrial business? Our team at Action Logistix is eager to help you expand your team with top-quality employees. Contact us today to learn more about our specialized services.

The best warehouse staffing agencies deploy numerous hiring techniques to ensure top quality employees

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