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Keys to attracting the right applicants to your open positions
March 7, 2022

Hiring a new employee can be daunting without the help of a professional staffing consultant. From the interview process to narrowing down key job requirements, there are many contributing factors that affect an organization’s ability to attract high quality candidates.

At Action Logistix, we match qualified St. Louis area warehouse workers with employers seeking new applicants. Are you looking to fill a job opening? Below we have identified a few actions that your company can take to expedite and optimize the hiring process.

Establish a thorough screening process

Before investing valuable company resources into a new employee, employers must take the time to screen applicants for necessary certifications, criminal background checks, prior employment, and other crucial information. The less ambiguous you are about your screening protocol during the hiring process, the more likely you are to deter under qualified applicants. At Action Logistix, our experienced team of warehouse workers in the St. Louis area are not eligible to seek employment using our service until they have been thoroughly screened.

Keep your job description concise

In 2021 and 2022, 53% of job seekers claimed to look for a list of clear expectations when searching for job openings in their field. Not only should these advertisements attract applicants with a glance at the organization’s mission and what sets it apart from their competitors, but a job advertisement should also include brief points explaining exactly what the role entails. Qualified candidates will be far more likely to apply for jobs that provide concise job descriptions written with uncomplicated wording.

Prioritize top job requirements

One of the biggest mistakes that an employer can make while seeking applicants is to be overly rigid with their requirements. Conditions such as a minimum number of years in the field, post-secondary education, and work arrangements may prevent apt candidates from applying to your company. In 2021, statistics showed that 97% of employers acknowledge the equal or greater importance of soft skills when compared to formal education and work experience. For this reason, we recommend being flexible with formal job requirements so that you can expand your pool of applicants and find a better candidate to fill the role.

Hire through an agency

Advertising a job opening through a third party is not only a great way to attract more attention to your company, but it will also help you attract candidates with relevant skills backgrounds. The right agency should be able to match your job posting with the right people based on their specific areas of interest, training, and other qualifications. Furthermore, connecting with a hiring agency that specializes in your industry is an excellent way to filter out applicants that may not be right for the position. Organizations have the potential to expand their talent pool by up to 1000% with the help of an agency. If you are searching for qualified warehouse employees, our staffing experts will connect you with the right candidates.

Set yourself apart

Many qualified candidates are not actively looking for a new position; however, they may be open to applying for a new job if an advertisement sparks their interest. With remote work opportunities, start up companies emerging every year, and online resources facilitating mass job searches, employers have more competition than ever. For this reason, organizations must set themselves apart in order to attract a larger pool of applicants. Aspiring employees should have a clear understanding of your business ethos, and how they can add value to the organization as a whole.

If you are searching for warehouse workers in the St. Louis area, look no further than Action Logistix. Contact us today to learn more.

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