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Attain Higher Caliber Employees with Action Logistix

March 9, 2020

Our Primary Focus is YOU!

At Action Logistix, we know it’s tough to find those types of employees when time is of the essence and projects are on the line. We also know that it’s not exactly everyone’s expertise to know what interviewing strategies work best. For you, that’s where we can step in and provide the most support.

Our primary focus is based solely on finding you the qualified high-caliber employees that best fit your needs. Based on over 16 years recruiting experience, our team understands the logistics industry and have developed specialized testing geared specifically to the Light Industrial industry. That's what makes us different compared to generalized staffing agencies!

We Interview with YOUR Needs in Mind

Action Logistix is a staffing company focusing solely on warehousing and manufacturing industries. All our staffing managers do all day long is recruit for warehouse and manufacturing positions. We work hard to create true partnerships with our employer customers, and become an extension of our customers’ Human Resources Departments. Part of how we do that is by learning the company culture, the personalities of the staff to make great matches, their changing needs and challenges.

We offer a vast variety of testing that is adjusted depending on what our customers require to find the highest caliber of employee. In fact, roughly one-third of the applicants that go through our staffing agency don't pass the preliminary evaluation. This helps to save time and eliminate under-experienced staffing and turnover. Our behavioral interviews and testing evaluations also provide us with a better insight of a potential employee's true skill level.

Team Up with Action Logistix

So, when you’re feeling the heat and project deadlines are starting to bare down on you, don’t hire just anyone who applies for an open position. Let Action Logistix provide you with a higher caliber employee that’ll meet your immediate staffing needs, and potentially become part of that all-star team you’ve been trying to build! Let us take the difficult work out of hiring and make us your dedicated warehouse staffing agency!

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